One Place for Everything

Retailer Resource Center

Shippd provides a single location to access everything you require from all your suppliers: products, inventory updates, images, logos, product materials, ordering, custom packing slips, tracking numbers, fulfillment information, and more.

No more visits to countless places to find the information you need.  Find everything in one location.

Shipping and Tracking

No more fumbling through e-mails or a variety of interfaces for shipping and tracking information.  It’s all in one place with Shippd.  We’ve also made it easy for suppliers to create blind packing slips with your logo, then transmit shipping and tracking information back to you.

Your customers get a consistent experience, no matter where your order originates from. Customers are sent back to your brand to fully maximize repeat customers and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Reduce Administrative Costs

Each supplier has its own policies, often making it hard for you to create a consistent and great experience for customers.   Reduce basic information requests from your suppliers, or one-off e-mails for some piece of information.

You and your staff’s sole attention can be focusing on growing sales, working with suppliers on promotions, and expanding into new areas of business.