Product Management

A Broken Process

We believe the process of product information and inventory updates is terribly broken, from our own direct experience.  Every supplier provides product information in a different format, requiring endless hours of work to map to the data format you require.

Every time inventory has to be updated, the same inefficient process repeats.

Saving Staff Time, Money

The result is a lot of wasted staff hours and energy. Inconsistent inventory means unfilled orders, a definite side effect of current systems, leading to dissatisfied customers. Shippd gives your suppliers an easy-to-use, self-service interface to update product data and inventory at any time, but gives you the flexibility to make changes as well.

Why not focus your company and your staff’s energy on finding products, copywriting, and providing word-class customer service?

Adding and Updating Products

You choose products from your suppliers, then download your products in one simple file.   You get a full inventory update across all your suppliers with a single click.  Get your product data once, and you’re done, no matter how many products you have in your catalog or suppliers you work with.

The ability to add products quickly and update every product in your catalog instantly is a significant competitive advantage for your business.

Customizable Product Data

Shippd provides a simple, yet powerful, way to customize product data.  In the Shippd interface, you can customize product data provided by your suppliers, as well as add custom product data fields. When you download your product data, your changes and custom fields are automatically merged with the product data your supplier provides.

Make the change once, and your custom changes are always saved for future updates. With Shippd, all product data stays fully organized and synced in a single location.