Real-time Order Transmission

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Improve Accuracy and Service

With one simple integration, including options for API integration, you can send orders to Shippd suppliers in real-time. Eliminating human error is one of the best paths towards great customer service.  When an order is mishandled, that’s a customer that will most likely never come back.

Shippd’s real-time order integration eliminates additional entry where these errors occur. Orders are routed correctly to the right place, but you can also choose to review orders before sending them to suppliers. The end result is happy customers.

Reduce Data Entry Costs

With direct order transmission, there are no more lost e-mails or purchase orders. No more countless hours of manually sending in orders, back and forth on order inconsistencies, or correcting errors in data entry.

Just see for yourself how much time, money, and hassle real-time order transmission saves you when the entire ordering process is automated from end-to-end.