Reduce Costs

Eliminate Manual Processes

Give your suppliers self-service tools they require to serve your customers with the stellar service you expect:

  • Manage and update products themselves
  • Add new products for you to review
  • Update inventory
  • Access and download orders for fulfillment
  • Print branded packing slips with your logo
  • Update order status, including ship tracking
  • Fill orders faster

You have access to these same features from the retailer point-of-view, plus:

Drive Down Your Costs

Managing a drop ship program has typically meant staffing your program with multiple people to support the operation. Shippd gives you powerful features found in software packages costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to install.

Shippd’s streamlined solution can drastically reduce the amount of manual manpower required, so your team can concentrate on merchandising, marketing, and promotion to maximize revenue.

Managing Drop Shipping Is Hard

Finding quality products and suppliers is vital to the success of any e-commerce business. Whether drop shipping is your primary fulfillment mode or to drive incremental revenue, itʼs a key component of a long tail selection for your customers.

Once youʼve found the right products, the painful task of coordinating with each supplier begins. With Shippd, all products and suppliers plug into your systems in the same uniform way. One connection, and youʼre done.

A third party solution provider can help you navigate the murky waters of drop shipping. Shippd takes a hands-on approach to ensuring the success of your drop shipping program.