Grow Your Program

What Is Shippd

Drop Ship Administration

Shippd is an open network connecting suppliers and retailers to grow and manage their drop ship programs. Through our platform, you can find new retailers and dealers, then grow and manage those partnerships effectively.

Shippd is not a distributor or wholesaler. We’ve built a network and platform to form direct relationships with your retailers. Shippd’s philosophy is to enable these partnerships, then get out of your way.

Why Shippd

Whether you call it drop shipping, direct fulfilment, virtual warehousing, or just in time, it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Grow your drop shipping program to its full potential with easy-to-use, yet powerful, cloud-based software for a fraction of the cost.

Shippd makes it risk free to build your drop ship program into a powerful and efficient revenue channel. Download ROI spreadsheet to see how much you can impact your drop ship program.

Optimize with a service provider

Retailers of every size leverage drop shipping for unlimited inventory and efficient delivery. Growing and managing your drop shipping program efficiently is an absolute necessity in today’s distributed world. However, drop shipping is not without its major challenges.

The right service provider can help you navigate the murky waters of drop shipping, reduce costs, and eliminate headaches.