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  • Full automation tools
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How does this work?

How long does
it take?

It usually only takes a day or two for us to review your submission, after which we will contact you to complete your setup.  You can be up and running in as little as a few days!

What does the Free
plan include?

See features you get with Shippd for Suppliers. You receive everything required to dramatically grow and manage your drop ship program with our self-service platform with no monthly or setup fees.

What does the Pro
plan include?

Pro plans are designed for suppliers looking to maximize program growth.  Added Benefits include program consultation and management, retailer recruiting, and phone support.  Call 858-412-0439 or email us to discuss further.

How much does
it cost?

Free plans have no monthly or setup fees, and a 4% of wholesale transaction fee.  Pro plans generally have a monthly and setup fee, with a lower transaction fee. Call 858-412-0439 or email us to discuss further.

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