Product Management

A Broken Process

We believe the process of product information and inventory updates is terribly broken, from our own direct experience.  Every supplier provides product information in a different format, and every retailer requires information in a different format.

Every time inventory has to be updated, the same inefficient process repeats.

Saving Staff Time, Money

The result is a lot of wasted staff hours and energy. Inconsistent inventory means unfilled orders, a definite side effect of current systems, leading to dissatisfied customers.

Why not focus your company and your staff’s energy on finding more useful products, creating unique content and selling points, and servicing customers more effectively?

Painless Updates

We’ve devised a simple, yet flexible, system to handle product and inventory updates. With our assistance, you add your products once, and you’re done.  You can easily make large numbers of changes, or a single change with our easy-to-use interface.

We’ve also made it a one step process to update your inventory.  When you update inventory, you update your inventory once, and you’re done.