Real-time Order Transmission

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Killer Order Integration

Shippd provides a single location for retailers to send you orders.  Real-time order transmission is a killer feature of Shippd. With one simple integration, including options for API integration, retailers can send orders to Shippd suppliers in real-time.

Everyone wins when orders can be sent immediately to the right place.  Shippd gives you this capability at a fraction of the cost.

Improve Accuracy

Eliminating human error is one of the best paths towards great customer service.  When an order is mishandled, that’s a customer that will most likely never come back.  Shippd’s real-time order integration eliminates additional entry where these errors occur.

Reduce Costs and Headaches

With direct order transmission, there are no more lost e-mails or purchase orders. There are no more countless hours of data entry, or back and forth on order inconsistencies.  Your retailers are busy with marketing, design, and customer service where they should be.

Make it easy on your retailers and yourself by giving them real-time order transmission, and see how simple and and powerful it really is.