Resource Center for Retailers

Retailer Resource Center

Shippd provides a single location for retailers to access everything they require for all their suppliers: products in a single file, inventory updates, images, logos, PDFs, ordering, custom packing slips, tracking numbers, fulfillment information, and more.

A single retailer resource center saves valuable time for you and your retailers, and makes it easy for retailers to work with you.

Shipping and Tracking

With Shippd, you can easily supply customized blind packing slips for retailers, building reputation to the end consumer.  You’ll also be able to provide instant tracking information, and process returns seamlessly when required.

Shippd gives you all the tools you require to provide robust shipping and tracking for retailers.

Reduce Support Costs

Reduce basic information requests, or one-off e-mails for some piece of information. You can focus you and your staff’s sole attention on working closely with your retail partners to grow sales and expanding into new areas of business.

Staff costs are expensive, so spend that time building your business with top-notch service and sales - a clear differentiation between you and your competitors.