Retailer Management

Unlimited Growth Potential

With most current systems, it’s painful to add new retailers beyond a certain point.  You can add new retailer relationships without a hitch with Shippd, and retailers can connect with you easier than ever.

Never again will technology be a hindrance to your growth potential.

360 Degree View

With Shippd, you have a full transparency into the success and progress of your drop ship program.  You manage retailers, find new retailers, view orders, view sales reports, and improve performance all in one place.

You’ll receive actionable data into what’s working, and how to improve on what’s not working.

Your Competitive Advantage

Grow your drop ship program by making it easy for both you and your retailers to work and communicate with each other.  Shippd operates with a simple premise: you add or update once, and you’re done.

Your ability to now react quickly to opportunities is a major competitive advantage to your business.