Your Retailer Network

Find More Retailers

Shippd suppliers have access to an open network of retailers looking to add products to their stores, web sites, or sales operations. Your current retailer network can also join your drop ship program easily and for free.

You get your own customizable co-branded sign up page for fast registration.

Fast Retailer Approvals

With Shippd, it’s easy for retailers to find you and apply to your drop ship program, and it’s easy for you to find new retailers to work with. Once you’ve found each other, it’s easy to approve (or decline) new retailers based on detailed profile information.

Shippd helps you build your retailer network, without the added overhead cost.

Infrastructure for Growth

Managing each individual retailer relationship is a time consuming and costly endeavor when every retailer has different requirements.  Shippd makes it easy to form partnerships with every type of retailer: physical stores, e-commerce, mail order, and beyond.

Once your partnerships are in place, our platform helps you manage and grow each and every partnership just as easily.